Kylie, How We Montessori & Patron

it is Nina's warmth, friendliness, and way with children that attracts me to her Circle Time.

Shelley, Patron

I love your calming style of sharing. My students and I really enjoy what you have for us each day. I use your circle time content as the foundation of what I teach that week

Nicole, Outschool Parent & YouTube Subscriber

Nina’s circle time classes are the best. My son (4.5) looks forward to them in the mornings and enjoys the work tray long after they are over!

Meegan, The Border Wanderers, & Patron

As a mom I really love what you are doing. It's hard to find material online that's Montessori inspired.

Yasmine, Patron

My daughter and I watch your circle time videos every weekday morning and wanted to support your work! I know how much effort goes into sustaining a YouTube channel

Corina, Patron

I wanted to say thank you for the "The Earth Goes Around the Sun" song. Sofia loved it . . .

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