hello, friends!

My name is Nina. Unbound Learners began in the winter of 2021 while I was developing a homeschool curriculum for my two young children. 


I wanted to include a morning circle time into their daily lives, and offer Montessori and nature-inspired activities that required minimal materials and expenses, and were process, not product-based.

I quickly realized that digital content like this didn't exist, and began to produce circle time videos and offer live classes for families seeking a similar learning experience for their children.

The immediate response from families was overwhelming.  Currently, over 1,000 families watch my circle times every week, and I've taught 100's of students through Outschool.

Through the support of my patrons, I hope to continue to offer quality content for many years to come.


My Lifestyle

In 2016 my husband and I left our public teaching jobs in New York City and built a homestead in the finger lakes region of central New York.

It was our dream to raise a family in harmony with nature.  We garden, chop firewood, collect eggs from our chickens, forage for food, make art, and explore our surroundings with our two young sons.

We also homeschool our children and run a forest school cooperative with other local families that share our philosophy.

While I love to include my lifestyle and passion for nature in my circle times, I also strive to make sure that my work trays and activities are inclusive for learners of all interests and geographic locations.  Nature is in everything, and I hope my circle times encourage families to develop their own unique relationship with their habitat.


My Philosophy

I chose the name Unbound Learners because I believe that a child's learning, and in turn, a teacher's methods, should not be bound to one particular approach or philosophy.

I have a Master's degree in early childhood education, have taught in public and private schools, and have been fortunate enough to collaborate with many wonderful educators and parents.

  • I draw inspiration from the emphasis the Montessori method places on independence

  • The Reggio-Emilia approach inspires me to let a child's interests serve as a guide for their learning

  • I share a deep affinity with Charlotte Mason's appreciation of nature

  • Waldorf philosophy propels me into the realm of creativity and imagination 

Most importantly, my experiences as a homeschooling mother have led me to the firm conclusion that each child is unique, and while we can all learn together, our experiences will never be the same.

I hope you find my circle times beneficial.  With your support, I'd love to continue to deliver quality content for families all over the world.